benefits of Ramadan

Benefits of Fasting

Health Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

Ramadan is 9th month in the lunar calendar. All Muslims keep fast from dawn to sunset and do not eat and drink during fasting. Fasting is compulsory for every adult Muslims. Allah said to give big reward of fasting. There are countless benefits of Fasting in Ramadan.


In the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims shows their believe in faith by keeping fast. They become closer to Allah.  Allah emphasize in Quran to keep fasting when you have it in your life.


Followings are the Health benefits of Ramadan.

1. Fasting control Blood sugar

Fasting help to control sugar level of body. It helps patients to get rid of insulin. A few organs that assume a part in diabetes may profit by fasting, as well. Your body stores additional glucose in a structure called glycogen in your liver. It takes your body around 12 hours to utilize that glycogen. In the event that you don’t eat, your body starts to consume fat rather than glycogen for energy. That assists with weight reduction. It additionally gives your liver and pancreas (which makes insulin, the chemical that controls glucose) a break.

2. Improve Heart health by controlling of blood pressure and cholesterol level

Since in fasting calories is under control so blood pressure is under control. Fasting helps to control cholesterol level.

3. Weight loss by limited calories and boosting metabolism

When we keep fast then calories that we take in normal routine decreases. As a result of fasting, body weight loss. Fasting help to fatty people to reduce their weight.

4.Improve yours Brain Function

Fasting improve yours brain function because it enhance the construction of a protein called brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF).

This convert brain dead cell into new neurons. It help to triggers many other chemicals which improve neural health. Fasting protect you from brain diseases.

5. Improve yours immune system

Fasting improves the safe framework since it decreases free extreme harm, manages incendiary conditions in the body and starves off malignant growth cell formation.

This is a base intuition to diminish weight on their interior framework so their body can ward off contamination.