Comparison of different Agile Methodologies

Comparison Agile Methodologies:

Although there are many comparisons of different Agile Methodologies given by different researchers, our analysis shows that the Scrum model is best for the development of smart devices applications.  We describe in this article Comparison of different Agile Methodologies.

Agile works over comprehensive documentation during development. It requires customer collaboration during software development so that good software develops. Although there are many software development methodologies developed after the 1990s. Some of them were developed by the combination of old and new ideas. Some were introduced totally by new ideas. In agile methodologies, the process of working is based on close collaboration between the developer and stakeholder. It releases increments within a short period to compete in the market. It requires minimum documentation to save development time.

Although, In literature, we have studied many agile methodologies which highlight different aspects of projects. Now it is a very crucial stage to determine which software model is the best option for your project. The selection of the software development model for the project plays a vital role in the success of the project. So we are here giving here a comparative analysis of software development models.

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