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Overview Facebook MarketPlace

What is Facebook Marketplace? Facebook marketplace is the online market for buying and selling between two parties. This marketplace is managed by Facebook worldwide. For now, this amazing service is available in lots of countries. Facebook marketplace is one of the largest and growing marketplaces where people can trust to do buying and selling. The Facebook marketplace also has a local items shipping service provider. The Facebook marketplace was introduced in the year of 2016 in over 100 countries all over the world. For starting a new business on the Facebook marketplace or to convert business from another place to this it’s a great opportunity to start. Facebook has huge traffic inside where people have to look at business than visiting other websites like amazon.

Recently Facebook marketplace is introducing its services in Pakistan where a high potential to generate an economy. After amazon Facebook market should be great potential all over the world. Pakistan has huge potential in e-commerce and technology. Virtual stores like Shopify and amazon can be managed to buy one person and also the Facebook marketplace is part of an online platform to start the business.

Why Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook is one of the amazing tools for brand marketing buying and selling for all. This is an opportunity for all those people who don’t have a place to start a business. On the Facebook marketplace, the business can start in very little amount. Initially, it was peer-to-peer deals but now can available the service of merchant account. After launching in 2018 total users from the globe were 810 million. The Facebook marketplace Marchant account feature is only available in few countries like the US. the monthly active users on Facebook is 2.7 something which is a high chance to grow the business.

For now, the Facebook marketplace has these categories where we can buy and sell.

Facebook marketplace starts the important and needed categories which are highly competitive and easy to business.


Clothing & Accessories.






Home & Garden.



How To Start Business On Facebook Marketplace:

You must be 18 years old. To start a business on this marketplace both sellers and buyers need to have a Facebook original account. Seller will register himself in the Facebook marketplace to start the business. The further procedure is to feed or insert products into their own place. 

How To Grow Brand On Facebook:

Facebook is one of the most used websites worldwide. A billion users use Facebook on daily basis. Wherefrom child to old man enjoying facebook and its amazing feature. One of the amazing boosting features of Facebook is Promotion. Facebook market or brand awareness is very easy and low cost. Using facebook promotion we can reach our products to your targeted users worldwide with few minutes. If a Facebook marketplace businessman invests in a Facebook ads campaign that really helps to boost the business.

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