SERBIA vs USA women volleyball Semi-final Tokyo Olympic 2020

After a very good match between the USA and SERBIA Woman volleyball in Tokyo Olympic 2020 USA Won the match after an amazing match the team of the USA was very strong in the match. The match was consist of 3 rounds or ups. Both teams were very hard and competitive to accept the loss of the match.  This was the semi-final match between SERBIA vs the USA in Olympic 2020. This is the first semi-final of women’s volleyball USA vs SERBIA. The second semi-final will be 5 pm today 5 august between BRAZIL vs SOUTH KOREA. The four teams qualify to the semi-final after beating another team in the Primary round, Quarter Final now facing one another in the semi-final round. The first and second set was won by the USA with the points of 25 25 first.

Who won the Semi-Final of SERBIA VS USA Women Volleyball Tokyo Olympic 2020?

After an amazing match to see the winning team of the semi-final was the USA in Tokyo Olympic 2020.

There are three sets:

SERBIA First Set:     19

SERBIA Second Set:  15

SERBIA Third Set:    23

USA First Set: 25

USA Second Set: 25

USA Third Set:   25

USA qualifying the of women volleyball in Tokyo Olympic 2020.

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